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Case Study

Ffilm Cymru

Working in partnership with Communities First, the Vale Youth Service and the Vale of Glamorgan we designed a project aimed at young people aged 14-19, to engage and motivate them to regenerate a small area of their community. The young people designed how they wanted the area to look, created the artwork and made a film to document the project. The project ended with a celebration event showcasing the film and unveiling of the new area which was accessible to everyone in the community.

Engaging, motivating and inspiring young people aged 14-19 years

The aims and objectives of this project were:

  1. To help young people to participate effectively and responsibly in education and training, contributing to the life of their communities
  2. To close the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged areas of Wales, so that otherwise disengaged communities can experience and take part in film culture, in a way that is relevant and supports further learning
  3. Support skills transfer with the potential for long term impact with communities in most need (both economically and in terms of cultural provision, lifelong learning and skills development)
  4. Support Life Long Learning and community participation opportunities that include supportive pathways into accredited learning and further education.

We used film and all aspects of the film process - film-making and film production, film education, film exhibition, etc - to engage, motivate and inspire young people aged 14-19 years, Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

By combining knowledge and best practice in the education sector with the highest quality of digital technology training and film-making skills, it's possible to achieve a steep growth curve in raising the attainment of Young People across Wales, including traditionally hard-to-reach cohorts. Our Project partnership between BLC & BRC has a shared goal to support young people to create their own inclusive content that is bilingual wherever possible and appropriate - and which engages even the most hard-to-reach groups in the making and sharing of great films.

The project was highlt engaging for all participants and they took pride in the area that they had regenerated for the community.  Below is the film that had been produced by the participants. 


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