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Case Study

Lead Creative Schools

Working with the Arts Council of Wales and Cadoxton Primary school we created a project that would push the boundaries of conventional classroom learning and produced a unique idea to combine a number of different cross-curricular skills which would be showcased throughout the project.

Thinking outside the box and creating something exciting!

For the project, we took the class topic of 'Dreams' and brainstormed a number of different ideas that we could do for a class project.  As it was also the centurion of Roal Dahl the class had also been studying the BFG.  They decided that they would like to do their own version of the book but in a theatre style performance where they could show-back all of their work to families, teachers and governors.  They loved the idea of dream jars, so we split the pupils into groups where they would each design their very own dreamworld.  There were 6 dreamworlds in total and each of these dreamworlds were based in a room in the school.  The show was designed to encourage audience participation. The audience were taken on a magical journey through the different dreamworlds, completing a set of challenges to then reach the final room where they graduated in becoming dream catchers. 

Each group took ownership of their rooms where they designed the artwork and furniture, created their own costumes, wrote their scripts, made their own films, composed their own songs, created the challenges for the audience and much more.  In doing this they enhanced their team work and collaboration skills, communication, problem solving, presentation and Oracy skills.  

We also decided to do some whole class activites where the class choreographed their own dance routine as part of an orientation video which was played at the beginning of the audiences journey, they all also wrote and recited poems which were showcased in the graduation room at the end of the journey. 

The project was highly impactful and successful.  The pupils took complete ownership of the project and were engaged throughout.  100% of pupils who participaated said that they would love to do a project like this again because they felt like they were in charge of the project and that all of their ideas were heard and used.  We filmed some feedback from parents after the perfomance.  See video below.

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