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Small Voice Big Story

It is acknowledged that there is a very strong and growing link between poverty and low levels of educational achievement in Wales’ schools; by GCSE level a 34% gap exists in attainment between children living in low income households and their better off classmates. In recognition of this, the Welsh Government has allocated funding to schools to put effective interventions in place to reduce the impact of poverty on education. ‘Small Voice: Big Story’ captures young people’s views on how the Welsh Government can take further action.

Nearly half of the young people we spoke to told us that they thought not having a lot of money made a difference to how well they did at school.

We know that children and young people are, more often than not, excluded from the research process; we are rarely involved in shaping research agendas or conducting research projects. This means that our perspectives are often filtered through the interpretations of adult researchers. This research project sets out to challenge this.

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