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Case Study

South Wales Valleys Project

A triad of schools, working together to identify ways to consistently narrow the achievement gap for the most vulnerable children using Collaborative, Digital activities. Our main objective was to design and deliver a project that utilises the expertise of teachers and project partners, working in partnership across Glenboi, Perthcelyn, Pengeulan schools, to deliver an innovative and engaging programme of learning, that will ultimately highlight ways for the schools involved to consistently narrow the achievement gap between the most vulnerable children, and their peers by drawing on a reliable bank of activities and resources using coloration and Digital. Focusing on Key stage 2 (Year 4) where the gap in achievement is most apparent across the schools.

The research set out to explore the impact and process of a shared learning approach and to measure the impact on FSM pupils learn- ing with Digital technology and collaborative activities.

We set our research aims and then took a baseline for our FSM learners (and non-FSM learners) for Digital competency, confidence as learners & motivation to learn (Self-efficacy) and also formed a baseline focused on measuring the self-efficacy of learn- ers in year KS1.

We set a learning schedule that covered the school year and in- cluded a preparation/evaluation session each term (all the teachers together to set the learning outcomes) and then a scheme of work based on the teachers theme for that term, with linked digital ses- sions and concluded each term with a group evaluation session. The pupils were also set ‘research missions’ to collect data and evidence of learning throughout the project, photos, film, question- naires etc.

We identified 4 collaborative, digital activities which would be rotated between the 3 schools, one new activity per term. The activities were Film making/animation, Coding & 3d games & Mine- craft. 

The start of each term begun with a session/s delivered by Big Learning Company (BLC) digital experts, where teachers and learn- ers worked together to gain the basic skills needed in each of the digital activities. BLC and teachers worked together to plan col- laborative digital activities and LO’s.

The pupils as Young Digital Researchers took photos, videos and collected other evidence to showcase their work and document the ongoing project. In the final term a 4th school came on board Penywaun Primary school, to share the learning and started with a term of Digital tasks including animation and green screening.

The research data suggests that the schools, teachers and pupils gained a great deal from being a member of the triad and the reasons for this were evident from the data collected from staff. In relation to the FSM priority focus and using technology and collaborative activities to raise aspirations and encourage learners to come to school all teachers and parents interviewed agreed that the pupils in the interven- tion group have shown an increase in motivation and confidence between their pre- and post-intervention self- efficacy questionaries.


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