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The top misconceptions about coding

Here are the top misconceptions we hear about coding all the time!

I Must Be An Adult To Learn Programming Languages
Some believe that kids are too young to learn computer programming and that coding should instead be reserved for a special breed of student who is drawn to the programming world. However, at Big Learning Company we’ve taught children as young as 5 basic block coding. Especially with developments in Edtech, coding has become more approachable and enjoyable for students to learn from a younger age.

Women don’t code
There is a common misconception that coding is just for boys. However, Women have always been influential at the highest level and here are just a few of those brilliant Women:

1. Ada Lovelace was the first programmer in the world.
2. Grace Murray Hopper developed the first compiler for programming language.
3. Adele Goldstine help created the world’s first electronic digital computer.
4. Jean E. Sammet developed FORMAC programming language, a variation of FORTRAN.
5. Marissa Mayer was one of the earliest programmers in Google.

Coding Lessons are Boring
People who work outside of the coding environment it's often perceived computer programming as a boring job that involves writing endless lines of code. They couldn’t be more wrong! We make robots dance, race and swim using code as well as create our own worlds using Minecraft. There are endless opportunities to code within education and very few are sat writing lines of code.

Our top 3 coding websites to make programming fun


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