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Top 5 tips for using an iPad in the classroom.

Using iPads in the classroom

Over the past 15 years, we've had the luxury of using iPads within the classroom. During this time we've picked up some helpful tips and tricks which may help you integrate iPads into your classroom safely and effectively.

Tip One: 

Set restrictions on the devices. Disallow apps such as Safari, FaceTime, and the iTunes Store and turn off the ability to delete or install apps. This keeps the students from downloading any un-wanted software or applications without staff knowing. To find the restrictions toolbar go to the Settings menu and tap General on the left. Tap Restrictions, and you’ll get the panel with all of your options. These restrictions can be lifted when entering a preset password (maybe not 1234, because the kids always guess it).

Tip Two:
Always activate find my iPad. This has been useful over the years. This prevents students from miss-placing devices around the school or even accidentally taking them home. Find my iPad is accessible from any device with an internet connection and will allow you to locate the missing device as well as play an alarm, display a missing message, lock your iPad remotely, or even wipe your data off it.

Tip Three:
Each iPad has a specific name. If you open Settings and tap General and then About, the name is the first item that appears in the pane on the right. However, when you need to quickly identify an iPad to hand out to a student, that takes too many steps.
Some schools identify iPads by creating an image with a number on it and setting it as the wallpaper. That way, as soon as you turn the iPad on, the number shows up on the screen (an absolute time saver)

Tip four:
For students that are easily distracted, we suggest having guided access activated when using the devices. This prevents the student from leaving the application or website that they need to be on. Follow these instructions to active guided access

Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access > On. You will then need to choose a password for you to exit the access once the lesson has finished (again we suggest not using 1234).

Tip Five:
This tip is simple but so effective! Organising applications into classes and topics can not only be timesaving but also keep students from being distracted. Our iPads are organised into classes and then categorised into topics. We also include shortcuts to useful websites within these folders to save time searching on safari or google.

If you have any questions about using iPads within education please feel free to contact one of our digital trainers:

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