Meeting Between Colleagues

Power BI Desktop

Duration: 1 day

Attendees: 1 - 10

Format: Virtual

Attendees must be familiar with working with large data sets, either in Excel or other database programs (SQL, Access etc.)

For Versions: Latest Desktop Version Download Required (Office365 Power BI Licence required for online systems). In this Microsoft Power BI Desktop Essentials workshop, delgates will learn how to connect Excel workbooks to Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Model the data using the Query Editor and then add Visualisations and create reports.

Getting Started with Power BI Desktop
Explore the Power BI Application Import Data from Excel Importing Data from Online Services Refresh Data from a Data Source Creating the Data Model Linking Tables and Data. 

Manipulating Data
Organize and Format Tables Creating DAX Formulas Create Calculated Columns/Measures Sort and Filter PowerPivot Data Create and Manage Table Relationships. 

Creating Simple Reports
Create a Pivot Table Using Multiple Fields from different tables Using Slicers

Using Power Query
Importing Data direct from the Internet Removing unwanted data from the import Appending data to tables or data sets Shaping Data to analyse Merging and Appending Queries Saving and Loading Queries

Working with Power View
What is Power View? Using the Power View Window Adding Data to a Report Page Applying Filters/Slicers Adding extra Report Pages