Meeting Between Colleagues

Outlook Introduction

Duration: 1 day

Attendees: 1 - 10

Format: Virtual

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used communication tool in the world. 

This course is designed to help learners develop the skills to make the most of the tools available. This course is suitable for users of Microsoft Outlook versions 2013, 2016 or 365.

Introducing Outlook

  • What is Outlook? Outlook components Ribbon Bars and Backstage View Customising Views in Outlook

Using Email

  • Create a message Working with To, CC and BCC fields Address a message to different recipients Shortcuts for Email Add file attachments Set priority Use the spellchecker Check for new messages Reply to and forward messages Open and saving an attachment Save a draft Setting up a Quick Part. 

Working with Contacts

  • Understand the Global Address List and Contacts folder Create, edit and delete a Contact Create a Group Integrate Contacts with online Profiles e.g. LinkedIn

Organising Items

  • Using the People Pane Sort and arrange items Search for items Creating and working with subfolders

Using Quick Steps

  • Setting up a Quick Step Create and edit a Quick Step Deleting a Quick Step

Scheduling Appointments and Events

  • View and track Appointments using the Calendar Using the Schedule View Working with the Room Finder Schedule an Appointment or event Set and manage reminders Modify or delete an Appointment Identify conflicting Appointments Schedule time as free, busy or out of office Making Appointments Private

Assigning and Tracking Tasks

  • Add, delete or modify a Task Track progress on a Task Assign a Task Accept or decline a Task request