Meeting Between Colleagues

Outlook Advanced

Duration: 1 day

Attendees: 1 - 10

Format: Virtual

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used communication tool in the world. 

This course is designed to help learners develop the skills to make the most of the tools available. This course is suitable for users of Microsoft Outlook versions 2013, 2016 or 365

Outlook Enhancements

  • Useful Shortcuts Email conversations Attachment Shortcuts Quick steps Outlook File/Folder Shortcuts Encrypt Emails Custom Calendar Views Appointment/Meeting

Setting Email Message Options

  • Applying Read and Delivery Receipts Setting customised Voting Buttons Setting alternate replies Working with different email Formats

Email Signature

  • Setting up an Email Signature Add Hyperlinks to a Signature Create a separate signature for New emails and replies

Working with Rules and Alerts

  • Opening the Rules Wizard Adding a Rule Changing the value of a Rule Editing a Rule Deleting a Rule

Organising your Mail

  • Creating Categories Applying Categories to Emails Organising by Category Working with Flags Setting a reminder using a Flag Convert a Flag Email to an Appointment Search Folders

Out of Office

  • Setting up Out of Office Set different Responses for different contacts Apply Rules to Out of Office

Working with Contacts

  • Setting up a Contact Group Organising Contacts Grouping Contacts using Categories

Setting Mailbox Permissions

  • Setting permissions properties Understanding the different Permissions Accessing another user’s folder Sharing your Calendar and/or Contacts Adding another Mailbox to your View


  • Understanding the Delegate feature Assigning a Delegate Sending on behalf of another user