Meeting Between Colleagues

Word Introduction

Duration: 1 day

Attendees: 1 - 10

Format: Virtual

Microsoft Word is designed to help users create and share professional looking documents. 

In this course, delgagtes will learn how to use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents; format documents; add tables and lists; and add design elements and layout options.

The Word Interface

  • The new Ribbon Layout Contextual Toolbars Mini Toolbars Editing Documents


Character Formatting

  • Changing an existing font Modifying the font size Using Bold & Italics Underlining text Using the Format Painter Changing character case


Editing Text

  • Cutting, copying and pasting text Using Paste Options Setting Default Paste Options Using drag-and-drop editing Navigation and Selection


Checking Spelling and Grammar

  • Checking spelling/grammar as you type Disabling spelling and grammar options Running spell checker Adding Custom Words to the Dictionary Using Synonyms

Setting Tabs

  • Using tab stops Setting tab stops Deleting and moving tab stops Clearing all tabs Creating a leader tab

Page Layout and Printing

  • Using the Page Layout Ribbon Previewing a document Printing the Current Document

Printing multiple copies

  • Autocorrect and Building Blocks Creating an AutoCorrect entry Deleting an AutoCorrect entry Creating Quick Parts