Meeting Between Colleagues

Word Advanced

Duration: 1 day

Attendees: 1 - 10

Format: Virtual

Microsoft Word is designed to help users create and share professional looking documents. 

In this course, delgagtes will learn how to use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents; format documents; add tables and lists; and add design elements and layout options.

Using Styles

  • Understanding Heading Styles Structuring long documents using Heading Styles Changing Style sets Setting Default Styles Updating and Removing Styles from a Document



  • Using the Design Ribbon Bar Creating and Applying Themes Editing Themes Saving Themes Distributing Themes


Using Building Blocks 

  • Creating a Table of Contents Updating a Table of Contents Inserting a pre-built Cover Page Create a Custom Cover page


Working with Templates

  • Create a personal Templates folder Adding your templates to the Word Start Screen


Creating an Index

  • Using an Index Creating main index entries Creating index subentries Typing index entries Cross-referencing index entries Generating an index Viewing the field code Updating an index

Using Bookmarks and Cross Referencing

  • Working with bookmarks Creating bookmarks Viewing bookmarks Going to a bookmark Cross referencing to a bookmark Deleting a bookmark


Word Forms

  • Creating a Form in Word Adding Form Controls, (drop down lists, calendar controls etc) Protecting a Form


Using Macros

  • Recording a macro Running a macro Editing a macro Adding a macro button to a toolbar Organising macro projects Deleting a macro