Meeting Between Colleagues

Word Intermediate

Duration: 1 day

Attendees: 1 - 10

Format: Virtual

Microsoft Word is designed to help users create and share professional looking documents. 

In this course, delgagtes will learn how to use Microsoft Word to create and edit documents; format documents; add tables and lists; and add design elements and layout options.

Working with Lists

  • Working with Bullets and Numbering Customising numbered/bulleted lists Resetting bullet/number styles Create an Image Bullet Using a Multilevel Numbered list

Using Section Breaks

  • Working with section breaks Inserting a Next page break Inserting a Continuous break Controlling Page settings using Section breaks


Working with Headers and Footers

  • Creating headers and footers Inserting the current page number Inserting the current date Creating a first page header/footer Setting the starting page number


Working with Images

  • Adding an Image to a document Moving an image around text Picture Effects Cropping Images


Using Tables

  • Creating a table Navigating a table Entering text into a table Hiding and showing gridlines Using the Table ribbon bars Converting existing text into a table

Borders and Shading

  • Applying a page border Adding a document Watermark Adding an Image Watermark


  • Using Mail Merge/Label Merge

  • Working with Mail Merge Ribbon Bar Creating a data source Inserting merge fields in a document Previewing merged data Merging to a new document Sorting records to be merged Merging to the printer Creating a Label Merge Merging data to the correct label


Track Changes

  • Switching Track Changes on Changing the Track changes default options Accepting and rejecting changes to a document