Meeting Between Colleagues

Microsoft 365 Teams Essentials

Duration: 1 day

Attendees: 1 - 10

Format: Virtual

Anyone beginning to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration and wishes to gain further understanding of how Teams can benefit them.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool designed to bring together people, communication, and content in a single interface. Understand Teams and Channels. 

Teams Overview

  • What is Teams?

  • Starting Teams

  • Navigating the Screen

  • Teams on Mobile/Tablet

Creating a Team

  • What is a Team?

  • Setting up a Team

  • Joining a Team

  • Owner/Member Management

  • Team Settings

Working with Channels

  • Creating/Managing a Channel

  • Channel Settings (Privacy, Permissions)

  • Using the Conversation Tab for communicating

  • Sending, Replying and Responding to

  • Conversations

  • Tagging, Announcements and Multiple Channel

  • Posts

File Storage

  • Storing Files within Teams

  • Teams and SharePoint

  • Dual Collaboration within Teams

  • Sharing Files/Folders Internally and Externally

  • File Tabs within Channels

Instant Chat

  • Chat vs. Conversations

  • Create a Chat

  • Setup a Group Chat

  • Sending/Sharing Files via Chat

Find Content

  • Searching People, Chat, Files and Teams

  • Filter Activity Feed


  • Creating a Voice Call

  • Starting a Video Call

  • Creating a Group Voice/Video Call

  • Converting a Chat into a Call

  • Starting a Call from a Channel

  • Screen Sharing

  • Video Participant Settings

Teams Meetings

  • Creating a Team Meeting

  • Meeting Settings

  • Participant Permissions

  • Running the Meeting

  • Recording Meetings