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KUBO Coding Single Set

£170.00 £204.00 inc. VAT
For 1 Students

Product Description

This KUBO Coding Starter Set is the ideal starting point for introducing coding and computational thinking to students from four years. Teach functions, subroutines and loops in simple, logical steps. KUBO comes with comprehensive lesson plans and teacher guides to make it easy for teachers to deliver cross-curricular challenges in a hands-on, playful way.



  • 1x KUBO body and 1x KUBO head
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 46 TagTiles; 14 Go Forward x1, 6 Go Left, 6 Go Right, 4 blue and 4 red Record and Play Function Tiles, 2 Loop tiles and Parameter Tiles numbered 1 to 10
  • 1x Activity Map delivered in 4 large puzzle pieces that slot together easily
  • Free online curriculum materials, including 16 beautifully illustrated 25-minute lesson plans, worksheets and comprehensive teachers guides to download for free

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