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LEGO® Education StoryStarter Core Set *SOLD OUT*

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For 5 Students

Product Description

We believe that all pupils can become confident writers and readers, bringing their stories to life. StoryStarter does this by supporting teachers with a strong and inspiring hands-on solution, bringing engagement and creativity into the classroom and also focusing on developing 21st century skills.

StoryStarter helps pupils to structure their stories, use their imagination and language to create, visualise and write stories, describe personalities, communicate them to others and evaluate them together.

Key Learning Values:

  • Strengthens literacy skills, improving writing, language and reading abilities.
  • Enhances communications skills, including speaking, listening, and presentation capabilities.
  • Improves collaboration skills and enhances pupils’ ability to work in teams.
  • Develops comprehension skills and enables pupils to compose new stories or analyse existing ones.
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How much time does it take to do an activity appropriately?

At the beginning of a process, while pupils are getting to know the materials and becoming familiar with the all the elements and the structure of story-making, it will probably take one lesson to get the scene structures and stories ready. It will then take one further lesson using the software to develop, write and document the stories. Over time, pupils will become very familiar with and proficient in the process, and it will take less time.

Can I broaden these activities to cover more than English skills?

StoryStarter is a tool primarily for use in developing English skills at different Key Stage levels. However, there is a natural interaction with other subject areas, such as history, geography and social studies generally. Also, the aspect of collaboration and sharing fosters many of the 21st century skills learning areas.

How do I help a group of pupils maintain focus, working towards a shared story result?

Learning to work collaboratively is a process that takes time. However, with the StoryStarter materials and activities specifically, at the beginning of the process, it will often be advisable to assign individual tasks to individual pupils. Having set the scene with a group of pupils or a class, each student may be given a specific assignment, e.g. one to create the beginning of a story, another the middle, and a third student to create the ending. This creates focus and attention in the initial stages of using the materials.

For the younger groups, you can allow one pupil to act as the StoryStarter Set Manager. This pupil will be in charge of getting the set out and setting it up ready. Another pupil is the Tidy-up Manager and they will be in charge of sorting and tidying the sets after use. A third pupil can be assigned Spinner Manager, in charge of selecting the spinner card for an activity, etc.

Do I let the pupils take their own scene structure photos or do I, the teacher, do that?

In the younger years, we recommend initially that the teacher takes the photos. However, during testing of the materials, we found that pupils quickly pick up how to take photos and import using the software. Free use of both camera and software allows the pupils to make changes, adapt and work independently, and at an individual and appropriate level.

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