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Training Bundle

Sphero Specdrums (2 rings)

£99.00 £118.80 inc. VAT
For 2 Students

Product Description

Connect to the Specdrums MIX app and tap on anything – your clothes, drawings, or the included playing pad – to create and mix any sounds, beats, and loops that all play through your mobile device. Jam on your own or with friends, anytime and anywhere.

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Key Learning Values:


Built with sleek technology, Specdrums is an approachable musical instrument that provides an accessible, portable, and tactile way for anyone to discover music creation. Easy for beginners to explore but open-ended for advanced musicians to get creative, Specdrums provides an outlet for practicing music using your hands without loud, expensive, and large physical instruments.


Specdrums rings don’t just work on the included Play Pad. Use them on clothes, drawings, or any colored object in your world. Unlike pianos or drum sets, they won’t disturb your dog, parents, or neighbors.


More than just rings, Specdrums mimic the functions of digital drums, keyboards, and MIDI pads and can play an infinite number of sounds, including ones you record on your own.


We won’t hold you back. Specdrums rings work with Bluetooth MIDI applications on your phone or desktop, bringing some color to your Garage Band skills and letting your creativity take the wheel.

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What's in the box?

- Specdrums Rings ( 2 )

- Play pad

- USB Charging Cable

- Quick Start guide to get you rolling

- Carrying Bag

Tech Specs

- Silicone Skin

- USB charging

- Bluetooth LE

- Midi Compatible

- 2hr Playtime

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