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For ten years we’ve used our expertise in digital education to make a big difference to the life chances of young people. We’re now one of the UK’s leading digital learning and teaching organisations.

Our Values

Collaboration, creativity and innovation are at at the heart of everything we do. We strive to help every learner reach their full potential, whatever their background.

Inspiring BIG learning

We use our expertise to offer guidance to teachers, educators and industry leaders. We offer a variety of bespoke training services and thrive on finding creative ways to deliver learning.

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Changing the world of education

We’re proud to be an official partner of LEGO® Education, helping to bring computing to life. We can help you get the most out of LEGO® Education’s innovative education products.

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Our Clients

Meet the Team

Our passionate and friendly team thrive on making a big difference to the lives of others.

Jorge Powell

Sera Richards

Louise Harris

Mark John

Rose Wilson

Ian Coupland

Jorge Powell Jorge Powell Marketing Executive / Sales
Sera Richards Sera Richards Trainer
Louise Harris Louise Harris Company CEO

I’ve worked in the education and digital sectors for over 15 years and have experience working across the two fields.

Once a secondary school teacher and head of department, I know UK and international curricula well and have seen for myself the impact of the digital sector on education.

I’m a Microsoft MIE Expert Educator and have been UNESCO Digital Competency trained. I also have extensive project management and leadership training experience.

Mark John Mark John Director

My industry experience and knowledge includes over 30 years working in the creative industries across genres and platforms both for the BBC & independent sector. I’ve also held creative industry consultancy and advisory posts for skills, training and public sector clients, including Cardiff Council, Creative Skills and TAC.

This experience has given me a detailed knowledge of the Welsh creative and digital sectors. I’ve enjoyed working across sectors nationally and internationally in production, financial and project management and delivering leadership training in both business and education.

Rose Wilson Rose Wilson

I am an experienced member of the Big Learning Company training team and my constant enthusiasm helps make sessions infectiously exciting. I have delivered a variety of training activities at a number of schools, events and workshops and I am always able to adapt and cater to any training need.

Ian Coupland Ian Coupland Marketing Executive

Ian is a creative member of Big Learning Company, he has extensive knowledge and experience in Graphic Design which helps to produce high quality marketing materials to make BLC a recognised and professional brand. Ian is also a member of our professional training team here at BLC and carries his creativity and enthusiasm when designing and implementing his training sessions.

A home at the heart of Cardiff’s creative quarter

Tramshed Tech is a unique space in Cardiff’s city centre, designed to promote collaboration between some of the finest creative businesses in Wales. It’s the ideal place to tap into Wales’ brightest digital talent, helping us stay at the cutting edge of digital education.

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